Terms and Conditions.

General Information & Terms and Conditions

  1. The Titans Swim Co-ordinator is available to deal with any enquiries and will be the route of contact to the Swimming Instructors. You can contact her on 07825/631945 or via email (steffibircher@gmail.com).
  2. To make sure that swimmers gain the most from their lessons, please provide the Swim Team with any information regarding special needs or medical history.
  3. All swimmers should use the showers and toilets before the lessons. Swimmers should not enter on to the poolside until a few minutes before their lesson is due to begin for safety reasons and so as not to distract any other swimmers.
  4. We aim to minimise noise from the poolside, so we ask that you only watch the lessons of your child. If you arrive early, please remain in the changing rooms until 3 minutes before the start of your lesson.
  5. We understand that some siblings need to stay with parents to watch lessons, but please keep the number of spectators to a minimum.
  6. The Children must not enter the water until the Instructor tells them to do so.
  7. All parents accompanying their children to a swimming lesson will be admitted to the spectator area. Parents should be aware that they are responsible for their children whilst they are in the changing area. Pupils are the responsibility of Titans Learn to swim whilst they are being taught. They are the parent’s responsibility away from this.
  8. Spectators and Parents are not allowed too close to poolside and should avoid disrupting the lessons by communicating with the swimmers.
  9. Regular visits to the pool to practise between lessons will help swimmers to gain the most from the course.
  10. Swimmers must wear their Titans swimming hat during lessons. Jewellery should not be worn.
  11. If your child comes with goggles, the teacher may ask him/her to remove them for all, or part, of the lesson.
  12. Once the course has commenced there will be no refunds or transfer of lessons following a non-attendance. If a doctor’s note is provided that states that the swimmer is unable to attend owing to illness, Titans Learn to Swim will issue a voucher for use against future swimming courses.
  13. Free assessments are available for swimmers enrolling for a course. If the swimmer does not attend an assessment and is booked by the parent / guardian into the wrong ability level group then Titans Learn to Swim will endeavour to find a place to match the swimmers needs BUT if there are no places available we will issue a voucher for use against future swimming courses. No refunds will be allowed.
  14. The Titans Learn to Swim is a Swim England Affiliated learn to swim and work in conjunction with Wavepower 2020-23
  15. The Titans Learn to Swim has a NO Photography policy.
  16. The Titans Learn to Swim does not accept liability for items lost or damaged in the changing area. NOTHING SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE CHANGING ROOMS.
  17. The Titans Learn to Swim has a Child Behaviour Policy for swimming lessons – if a child misbehaves in a class they will receive a verbal warning from the instructor. Should the child continue to misbehave, they will be asked to sit on the side for 5 minutes so as not to disrupt other pupils and if the child still persists in this way, they will be told to leave the lesson and return to their parent. We hope that you will support us in this policy, for the benefit of your swimmers progress.
  18. Smoking is not permitted in the building.
  19. No shoes are allowed on poolside.
  20. Running is not allowed on the poolside or in the changing rooms.
  21. All members of the Titans Learn to Swim are expected to follow appropriate behaviour including: Child Protection Policy, Anti-bullying Policy and Anti-Racism
  22. I would like to be able to email/text/phone you to let you know about classes, or any other Learn to Swim related events.